Alberta, MacEwan University, Karime Felix

"Hi! My name is Karime Felix and I'm doing a Business Management Diploma in the MacEwan University located in Edmonton AB."
Besides improving my education, I want to keep improving and developing my leadership and interpersonal skills. Iím very involved with the community and my school, This year I become Resident Advisor (RA) at the MacEwan Residence, my role here is create opportunities for community the residents and the building, developing and facilitate programs which address the needs of the floor and support the programming model set out by Residence Services, act as a role model of respect for self, others, and the community among others roles. I been enjoying this job since September of the current year and Iím very excited for the future outcome of this position.
As part of my involvement in the school besides taking my curses, since last year when I arrived to Canada I joined to the United Nations Club, and in March of 2015 I have the opportunity to represent the school MacEwan University as a Delegate in the National Model United Nations in New York City, where the University won an honorable mention of the Delegation we represent. Also I play soccer and basketball in the school intramurals, and I been doing volunteer in the City of Edmonton since I arrived working with Parkinson Alberta, Autism Speaks and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society."
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