Study in Mexico

Now, more than ever, Guadalajara is an exceptional location for studying Spanish. Students can take advantage of the cultural, historic and modern advantages of this "most Mexican" of cities. Guadalajara is the birthplace of mariachi and tequila, but is also known as the Silicon Valley of Mexico. The city boasts an impressive variety of cultural events throughout the year, including the International Book Fair, International Film Festival, International Mariachi and Charreria Festival, and many others. The food is amazing, the people are friendly and the universities are excellent.
Students have the opportunity to study at either the Universidad de Guadalajara (in Spanish) or ITESO, the Jesuit university, (in Spanish or English). Students take classes along with Mexican students.
Our Strengths
  • 5+ years of experience working with foreign students in Guadalajara.
  • 10+ years working with study abroad students in US and Canadian universities.
  • Assistance enrolling in local universities with help navigating university bureaucracies and course suggestion, as well as, assistance with post-program transcript.
  • Personalized on-site orientation focusing on culture, logistics, and safety.
  • Network of organizations willing to receive interns.
  • Network of Mexican families, experienced and willing to host, and knowledge of local long-term rentals.
  • History of good feedback from former students and professors.
  • Independent Spanish language tutors.
  • 24/7 local emergency contact.
  • On-site supervision of internships.
  • Network of local professors for supervision work.
Internships/Volunteer in the community

Destinos Educativos is committed to working with students who desire to become more involved in the local community. We offer internships and volunteer projects that are dynamic and challenging. Because we are experts in intercultural experiences and our internship sites may not be, we believe that on-site supervision is key to a positive internship experience. Students will participate in an orientation before being introduced to their internship site.

During their internship Destinos Educativos staff will be involved on a weekly basis to make sure the internship is going smoothly for both the organization and the student. This weekly check-in provides opportunities for staff and students to fix minor misunderstandings that, if left unresolved, could later have a major impact on how students and community interact.

After the completion of the internship, students will receive a certificate from Destinos Educativos, signed by their internship supervisor.